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ABS Pump

ABS PumpFor more and more people decided to buy modern cars the term ABS seems to be quite well known and easily recognizable.  However, not all drivers understand entirely what is the function of this system and what is affected by it. Many people know that this is a connected system responsible for safe vehicle stopping at braking. The main function of ABS (Anti Bloker System) is to prevent vehicle wheel locking at braking. Above all, the system is to prevent effectively wheel locking, thus to reduce or prevent vehicle pulling to one side.  ABS should also enhance to maximum the steerability of your car when braking and prevent you to lose control of the vehicle when braking. To achieve this objective the system is equipped with the ABS module to control of the entire system and braking process. The principal components of the four-circuit Anti Bloker System are controllers contained in the system control unit, sensors measuring rotational speed of each wheel and solenoid valve that regulates circuit pressure for each of four wheels.

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