Can you drive a car with a broken EGR valve?

Are you wondering if it is possible to drive a car with a broken EGR valve? Of course, absolutely, although it is not recommended, for understandable reasons, and it is not only about maintaining exhaust gas standards, or a purely ecological aspect. Many people do not realize that the EGR valve, in addition to reducing harmful exhaust gases, including nitrogen oxide, is also supposed to allow for the efficient operation of our drive unit, i.e. the engine, why such a conclusion? First of all, harmful exhaust gases do not get into it, and in the event of EGR valve failure, not only the Check Engine warning light comes on, but also other characteristic situations occur. One of them is excessive smoking, which we will notice in the context of the exhaust pipe, there is also less engine power, uneven work, which also affects the increase in combustion. In extreme situations, it also happens to stop it, which is rather not advisable for it, all such negative signals should force us not only to appear at the mechanic, but also to use and install an efficient EGR valve. The purchase of a new EGR valve is not, as in the case of many car parts, the cheapest, so the alternative for us is the use of a used one that we find on the secondary market. This will allow us not only to make real savings, but also to ensure access to an efficient and properly functioning EGR valve.

How to find the right EGR valve for our car?

Why do many people think that the EGR valve is not a consumable part of our car? Because it is mistakenly convinced that its damage and incorrect operation do not adversely affect the operation of the engine, and it is quite the opposite, which we will find out. The search for used car parts, including the aforementioned EGR valve that will fit our car, should start from the store on the website EGR valve, which deals with their distribution and sale.