ABS in your car is not working properly?

Do you underestimate the malfunction of the ABS system in your car? Sure, many drivers behave in a similar way, and thus lead to dangerous situations, especially when steering or braking a car.

Nobody orders us to use ABS, but let’s think about what we can really gain from it, which ensures its proper functioning and operation. Therefore, reacting as much as possible whenever necessary is something that cannot be relegated to the background, here you must consider the need to remove a fault, failure or restore the ABS system to its proper operation. We always take into account here what ABS provides and guarantees, what it is responsible for or how it affects the comfort and quality of operation or driving the car in a safe and adequate manner. Of course, when repairing the ABS, it is necessary and necessary to report to a car mechanic’s workshop so that it really takes care of diagnosing the car with an assessment of the ABS system that will allow us to analyze it in terms of proper operation. It is worth mentioning that the most common cause of ABS failure is damage or wear of the controller, which needs to be replaced at a given moment or situation, and you should also ensure that it is adapted to the car or a specific car model.

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Need to replace some car parts?

Are you forced to replace some parts and components in your car? Are you afraid that, unfortunately, it will hit you quite hard in the pocket and you are not too prepared for such an expense?

Therefore, he may consider whether some already worn elements should be replaced with used parts, if possible, which, given the appropriate approach, is not contrary to what seems to be a bad solution. Of course, nowadays the automotive market in terms of used parts has changed quite a lot, one can say more, it is shaped in a completely different way than some time ago. Today, we do not visit shopping carts very often, due to the operation of professional stores that provide us with comprehensive support in this area or a guarantee of reliability and efficiency of parts that we buy from them.

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ABS pump used

Cars are very well developed nowadays. This is practically true in every way.

However, this is nothing new, because the world is moving forward and developing in every aspect. When it comes to cars, the first thing that changes is when it comes to safety itself. Until some time ago, there were not so many systems in cars that ensured that driving was safe.

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Your gearbox is malfunctioning?

Are you perfectly aware that your gearbox is working in the wrong way? Know one thing, delaying the detection of the problem and its solution can really cost us a lot, especially if we completely damage the entire gearbox over time, which, as we know, it is better not to allow it.

Of course, each gearbox consists of many parts and components that ensure its proper operation, so without visiting a mechanic in such a situation will be impossible. Most often, it is one of them that causes such problems, an excellent example of which is the gearbox controller, which is not only to allow us to change gears without any problems and to be regular in this regard, but also to supply the entire gearbox with oil in an appropriate manner.

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Original engine controller

The engine controller is a unit that supervises and controls various elements of engine operation in our car. Basically it is a computer, switching system and energy management system.

Usually, it supports temperature and pressure sensors, and various types of data from other modules in the car, thanks to which the system will see how to control throttles. Examples include the coolant temperature sensor or the gas pedal position sensor. In addition, it supervises the anti-lock braking system ABS or traction control systems. In addition, the fuel injector will be checked, the ignition timing set accurately, the electronic throttle body opened or the radiator fan started. After collecting the data, the controller must make decisions about all settings on an ongoing basis. The control unit also collects all information, which it can then display on our vehicle’s dashboard. The engine controller also supervises electrical systems, where it must accurately determine the power supply voltage of individual devices in our car. Currently, in our cars computers control virtually every aspect, once we could see the amount of fuel or oil temperature.

Currently, in the engine compartment we find a lot of sensors that care about our safety, but also for comfort. For example, the engine computer controls the air-fuel mixture as it goes into the combustion chamber.

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Comfort Module

Comfort ModuleSurely all contemporary drivers prefer to feel fully comfortable in their newly bought cars. Significant comfort and equally high driving convenience refer also to older vehicles housing the comfort module. This module is one of the most typical components of electronic systems in each car, and is responsible for some functions assigned to it.  These functions are to improve driver’s convenience. In most and, practically in all cars offered today, the comfort module is one of central units responsible for control of individual functions.  This module is or can be, depending on auto brand, responsible for control of central lock and electric window lift. Quite often its tasks include monitoring additional internal lighting and windscreen wipers and washers for proper operation.

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BSI Box Controller

BSI Box ControllerMore and more drivers convince themselves from their own experience that possession of a car without electronic accessories is practically impossible in present times. An increasing number of the same drivers know very well that such accessories are undoubtedly very useful and increase driving comfort and improve service of their vehicles. All of these look very nice but only if these systems work smoothly and properly without failures. The situation gets worse when, no often through no fault of our own, one of these system fails. The cost of repair and purchase of original spare parts can be really very high, but what is not done for convenience and driving comfort enhanced by improved road safety.

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ABS Pump

ABS PumpFor more and more people decided to buy modern cars the term ABS seems to be quite well known and easily recognizable.  However, not all drivers understand entirely what is the function of this system and what is affected by it. Many people know that this is a connected system responsible for safe vehicle stopping at braking. The main function of ABS (Anti Bloker System) is to prevent vehicle wheel locking at braking. Above all, the system is to prevent effectively wheel locking, thus to reduce or prevent vehicle pulling to one side.  ABS should also enhance to maximum the steerability of your car when braking and prevent you to lose control of the vehicle when braking. To achieve this objective the system is equipped with the ABS module to control of the entire system and braking process. The principal components of the four-circuit Anti Bloker System are controllers contained in the system control unit, sensors measuring rotational speed of each wheel and solenoid valve that regulates circuit pressure for each of four wheels.

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