Power steering in cars

Currently, a power steering is installed in vehicles as standard, i.e. a device, most often hydraulic, that allows the steering wheel to be turned slightly, which allows the axle to turn. Only a few decades ago, the cars did not have power steering, which was not comfortable, so you had to apply a lot of force to move the steering wheel. Currently used modern power steering pumps allow for easy turning.

How to diagnose a damage to the steering system?

The steering wheel movement is then transmitted through the rack system to the steering axle, it is worth noting that these systems can sometimes fail, the pump can be quite a common problem. Of course, it can be manifested by lighting the lamp on the dashboard of the vehicle, the indicator can inform us about many problems, for example, it may be a short circuit, a problem with the sensor or air in the system. In addition, we can notice some changes, for example, the steering of the axle will require more force, sometimes the power steering system will act in steps, in this case it may be a problem with the pump, bearing wear, problems with pressure and tightness.

In various vehicle models, we can find hydraulic power steering, sometimes it can also be electro-hydraulic power steering, basically in many vehicles the hydraulic system is powered by a belt. Thus, problems with the power steering pump may be caused by a broken or loose V-belt, a faulty alternator may be responsible for a malfunction. In addition, it is worth noting that the steering wheel has a steering sensor, in this case a short circuit may occur, various types of damage may occur, then the system will not receive information about the position of the steering wheel. Another known problem will be that the temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high, overheating may be due to a short circuit when the pump runs continuously for an extended period of time.

In many cases, it will be necessary to replace the power steering pump, we can also check and replace other elements such as the sensor. In the case of older car models, the power steering pumps may not be produced anymore, so we often look for replacements or regenerated pumps, which we can buy at Power steering pump . These are pumps that have been disassembled, basic elements such as, for example, bearings have been replaced in them, in addition, the pumps have been sealed so as to obtain the appropriate pressure.