What is a body control module in modern cars?

The car body central control module is a processor-based power distribution center that oversees and controls the car’s body functions such as lights, windows, security, door locks and access control, and various comfort controls. The central control unit also acts as a gateway for bus and network interfaces to interact with remote electronic control units for other systems.

Central control module at an attractive price

In order to accommodate the growing number of functions in a small control module, designers must implement a higher level of integration with a scalable and flexible architecture to meet a wide spectrum of drivers’ requirements, expecting the highest driving comfort and ease of control of various functions. Manufacturers must ensure system reliability and short circuit resistance. They have a range of highly integrated products that combine different functions in one device, providing more functions in less space. This will improve communication thanks to lower energy consumption and a selection of the best safety and comfort features.

The growing role of embedded software is one of the main trends that define the development of the automotive industry. The demand for complex, embedded automotive solutions is primarily due to the small size of these control systems. The decisive argument in favor of the control module is its ability to combine many functions in one place. Thus, it offers one simple but key advantage, namely fewer cables. If everything were operated by traditional relays, the variety of electronic functions in modern vehicles would make it completely impossible to account for the complexity and weight of the wiring in a passenger car.

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