What is air suspension and how does it work?

Motor vehicles function properly thanks to the use of many different solutions and elements. Not only the engines and the bodywork are very important, but the interior of the vehicle is also important. In addition, the suspension, which is responsible for effective damping of vibrations caused by driving on an uneven or pothole road, is not without significance. Very often the suspension is associated with a system of springs and other metal elements. However, it should be remembered that there is an alternative design, which is the so-called air suspension.

Important information related to air suspension

When it comes to air suspension systems, these solutions are not based on metal elements. In this case, special cushions are responsible for damping vibrations and automatically adjusting the clearance, which are pumped by the compressor after starting the engine. A special regulator together with a controller adjust the amount of air in such cushions and thus enable effective adjustment of the entire suspension arrangement.

It can therefore be seen that not only the “executive” components, i.e. airbags, play an important role in such a suspension, but also the components responsible for controlling the operation of this system. Similarly to other elements, also regulators and their controllers are exposed to many types of mechanical or electrical failures. The symptom of their damage is incorrect adjustment of the ground clearance and the operation of the suspension in terms of vibration damping. If such problems are detected, it is of course absolutely necessary to make a repair.

The repair of the air suspension regulator controller itself can be problematic, because it is an electronic component in which many things can go wrong. In other words, in most cases, a defect, failure or damage makes such equipment unsuitable for repair or further use. The only way out is to familiarize yourself with attractive sales offers, such as, for example, https://www.worldecu.com/en/control-unit-level-regulator-air-suspension and purchase a new or working used controller to replace the defective one.