Why does the suspension not provide us with the same driving comfort as before?

For what reason, the suspension does not guarantee and does not provide us with such driving comfort so far?

Where can the problem lie, or what has failed, because the suspension itself consists of many parts and components? This is one of those questions that cannot be answered unequivocally, but if we encounter a lack of road grip, vibrations in the car or even a longer braking distance, or oil leaks, it is worth checking the condition of the suspension. Especially its parts, such as shock absorbers, which are not only the basic part of it, but are also designed to ensure the car’s grip, even on the most uneven road.

Of course, the issue of carrying out any repairs, in the context of not only the suspension system, but also related to the general technical condition of the car, should always refer to the need to use the services of an experienced mechanic. Only he should repair not only the car, but also diagnose the fault or carry out other works related to its malfunctioning and operation. It is not recommended to replace shock absorbers on your own, remove them or postpone certain repair work in time, because it may be the result of more serious problems, breakdowns or faults that are understandably better avoided.

Are you waiting for shock absorber repair?

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