Your car does not respond when you press the gas pedal?

Your car shows no reaction when you step on the gas pedal? You don’t know what could be the cause of this, and what was damaged at the same time?

The best option for you will be going to a car mechanic’s workshop or service, where the appropriate diagnostic tests of the car will be performed. Especially in terms of the gas position sensor, which could have failed for many reasons, or it is necessary to replace it with a functional one, and your car therefore reports such a problem. It is characterized not only by the fact that the gas does not reach the engine at all, but also when pressing it, you can hear its uneven and irregular operation, the CHECK ENGINE indicator may also light up, and the drive unit itself will then go into an emergency state. Of course, replacing the gas pedal potentiometer, as well as the above-mentioned gas position sensor, is a chance for us to deal with this and no other problem. However, before we decide to buy it, let’s be sure that it is appropriate in terms of the model or a specific car, many people forget about this fact and in a hurry repeat such and no other errors. In addition, let’s analyze the costs of the new gas position sensor, in relation to the used but also functional one, we will quickly understand that the latter solution is more beneficial for us in this respect. Sure, only if we manage to find such a gas position sensor, we simply find it on the used car parts market.

Choose a store where you can find the best used car parts

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