Air suspension control unit – what should you know about it?

Suspension is one of the most important systems in any vehicle. Its task is to dampen and withstand various types of shocks associated with driving over holes and bumps. The proper operation of the suspension has a significant impact on the condition of the vehicle, as well as on the comfort and safety of its users. Standard suspension is based on various types of springs and torsion bars. There is also an air suspension in which such elements are replaced with pneumatic elements. The entire structure of such a suspension is quite complex.

Air suspension control

In today’s modern vehicle designs, air suspension is very popular. It is used in buses, trucks, vans, as well as in many makes and models of passenger cars. The advantage of such a suspension is the ability to independently adjust its height using special switches. Moreover, more advanced constructions allow the vehicle to adjust the height of the suspension to the current driving conditions.

The possibility of changing the ground clearance of the vehicle or the stiffness of the suspension is possible thanks to special control units. Such equipment works with a network of sensors and other elements. Thanks to this, the controller knows what the current driving conditions are and adjusts the suspension to them, as well as to the settings selected by the vehicle user. It is an advanced electronic solution that is appearing in more and more cars.

Of course, like other components, the air suspension control unit can also fail or be damaged. In this case, it must be repaired or replaced. Fortunately, there are many companies and stores in the market, such as In their offers, you can easily find air suspension controllers for various makes and models of vehicles.