Central locking in your car is not working?

Have you noticed that your car’s central locking does not work, and there are also problems with the proper functioning of other electrical systems, such as opening windows or controlling mirrors?

Unfortunately, it is a situation in which it is almost certain that the comfort module has failed or failed, so the one that has been present in cars for several years, having to take care of the driving standard, what does it mean? Namely, nothing else but the possibility, or rather an opportunity and chance, to control electrical solutions, systems responsible for air conditioning, car heating or even rain sensors. Therefore, if such a phenomenon and event took place as the one mentioned above, there is no point in delaying, and even less trying to solve such a problem on our own, because we do not have tools and knowledge about comfort modules. In addition, their incorrect disassembly and connection may, over time, lead to a more serious failure and failure, therefore it is better not to take such a risk. Of course, if the comfort module is damaged, its replacement with a new one will not be the cheapest investment for us, moreover, as is the case with car parts, a much cheaper and economical solution is still recommended for us. Used car parts are not only available on the market all the time, but also have many supporters, and it is good to follow this direction also when looking for a used comfort module.

How to solve the problem of a broken central lock

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