Broken air damper

In most cases, any throttle failures can be identified quickly as they are almost always related to a vehicle malfunction.

Such a characteristic defect, which is shown by the air throttle, is the uneven operation of the engine, and very often it also happens that the symptom of a failure is wavy revolutions or very great difficulty in achieving higher speed, even though the revolutions are getting bigger. When pressing the accelerator pedal does not result in higher speed, it is the throttle in the vehicle that is responsible for the fault.

What causes damage to the air damper?

In most cases, the cause of incorrect rotation in the vehicle and problems in the correct operation of the car resulting from the throttle operation is simply dirty. The throttle contacts can be very dirty, which makes it difficult to transmit electrical impulses. Even though the throttle is properly connected, the car does not respond as it should because it does not read it at all. In such a situation, the best solution is to unplug the throttle and then clean its contacts. This can be done very easily, just use alcohol for this purpose. Of course, even a new air damper can malfunction if connected incorrectly. You need to check that the throttle is pressed firmly into the seat. If it is not in proper contact with it, it will result in a malfunction. In such a situation, a moment is enough for everything to return to normal. When cleaning is useless and the mechanic makes it clear that this particular throttle is over, it’s time to buy a new one. This can be done online – all you need to do is have information about the model and serial number of the throttle you need, and then go to the website and choose the part that will fit our vehicle.