Is it possible to add a comfort module to a used car?

Passenger cars nowadays are real traveling computers. The newest and most prestigious cars nowadays offer the possibility of turning on the autopilot, which in the past might only seem possible to us in science-fiction movies. However, does each of us know what a comfort module in a car is at all? What functions does it offer and what is it responsible for?

The comfort module is nothing more than an electronic device, a kind of controller that has certain operating patterns stored in its memory based on data received from various sensors.

Take, for example, a rain sensor properly connected to the comfort module. Thanks to the information obtained by the rain sensor located in the windshield, the passenger car is able to use the appropriate comfort module to start automatic windscreen cleaning using wipers. This is one of many devices that automatically affects our travel comfort. Another device can be a so-called climatronic device, i.e. a device that automatically adjusts such airflow values ​​as the force of the air flow, temperature of the supplied air, or the direction of the air inlets. When getting into the car, we set a specific temperature on the panel, which will be achieved thanks to the comfort module. The outside temperature sensor, the inside temperature sensor, the air quality sensor and many other components will make it possible to obtain the desired temperature inside our car in the shortest possible time. If our car did not have a rain sensor, we are not far away to install such a sensor, as well as the wiper lever, and then just turn on such a module in the on-board computer. If you are looking for suitable comfort modules, you can find them at -bsi . Make sure which module is suitable for your car and start working to increase the comfort of your journey.